Fruit and Veggie Fest 2010

Western Growers and Western Growers Foundation (WGF) is partnering with Network for a Healthy California in their efforts to spread the word about eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

It is a perfect match, as Western Growers Foundation’s mission is to create healthy farms, food and communities, and promote sound science, food safety and nutrition education while Network for a Healthy California four pillars are: increase fruit and vegetable consumption, increase physical activity levels, increase food security and increase chronic disease prevention.

There were many Fruit and Veggie Fests slated throughout the month of May. Paula Olson represented Western Growers Foundation, and Sal Alaniz represented member company Westside Produce at the May 1 Gilroy event. Alaniz (pictured with microphone) spoke to the crowd in both English and Spanish about how a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent diabetes and heart disease.

At the Salinas Event on May 2, Western Growers staff, Barbara Brose-Graybill of the WGIS Salinas office and Paula Olson were Celebrity Chef judges. All dishes, which included Mango Chicken Stir “Fry,” Vegetable Turkey Skillet, Fruit Smoothie and a Healthy Banana Split, were all winners! Pictured is Ms. Brose-Graybill with Salinas Council Member, Steve Villegas sharing fresh berries with the local children. Western Growers attended many of the May festivities, including: San Jose on May 16, represented by Barbara Brose-Graybill; Exeter on May 19, represented by Paula Olson; Costa Mesa, Irvine’s own backyard, on May 19 represented by Western Growers staff, Wendy Fink-Weber and Briana Lewis; and Sacramento on May 23 represented by Western Growers Foundation Board members Hope Wilson and Dianne Kawamura, along with her husband, CDFA Secretary AG Kawamura.